Camera Option
    We are ready with the Holfuy Camera. You can order one as an option for your new Holfuy automatic weather station at the Holfuy Shop.
Just fit it to the same pole with the station, and easily tune its position with the 2 axis INOX mounting kit.

The camera box comes with a built in light sensor, so it will not send pictures during the night to save power and mobile data traffic.

You can modify its resolution (640*480..1024*768px) and the update frequency (10 min..6 hours).

Sample Camera Images

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Admin @ 2015-09-23 08:48:32

Holfuy Live for Android

 We have a present for our users who used to check weather data from an Android device. Holfuy Live is a free Android application for mobile phones and tablets. It is optimized for low data usage, so you won't need good coverage if you would check the weather conditions at your favorite sites!
In this application you can easily browse your favourite stations data by swipe on the screen.

Download from Google Play

Admin @ 2015-03-19 16:17:31

Holfuy Map view!

       We are happy with the new Holfuy stations in many parts of the World. We made a new feature for you! From now you can check the actual weather data from the stations on GoogleMaps as well!
If you move your mouse over the markers you can see more data. For example the the five red dots in the border shows the average directions of the last 10 minutes!

We hope you will like it!

Admin @ 2014-03-25 21:18:44

The paragliding season is here!
       The first nice thermals are here in Europe with more and more Holfuy automatic weather stations which helps their pilots to select the right paragliding site! We would like to help the pilots who don't have a reference Holfuy station in their country, so we give
25% discount + free shipping when they buy a new station from a new country!

       Some Holfuy stations were running in this winter without energy problems. But we recommend the Holfuy Extra stations for winter usage in northern countries, because a standard station went to sleep mode for a week in February, and an Extra station had no charge problems at the same location.

New features: -Wind direction histogram on the data monitor page.
                       -New cloudcover graph for some stations.

Good flights/rides for You!

Holfuy @ 2014-03-15 23:16:09

NEW SHOP: Get your own Holfuy station!

        After a long developing/testing period we can say that we are ready with the first commercial Holfuy stations!
If you would like get a new station and join to the Holfuy family please follow these steps:

-Buy a station at Holfuy SHOP.
-Buy a SIM card with GPRS access and wait for your station.
-Set up your station (~15 minutes).
-Fix it to the selected pole/mast/etc.
  (you will need: screwdriver,super glue, wrench)
-Enjoy the actual weather info from your favorite site/beach/etc.

Complete stations from 545EUR + VAT

Price updated at 2014.06.01.

Admin @ 2013-11-04 23:27:41

Holfuy mobile!

    "Dirty, but fast!" that's Holfuy's mobile page. Here You can only see the most important data from the selected station. But it can be really useful when you are in the forest with weak network signal, or you just don't have enough time! Check it with your phone's browser!




Admin @ 2013-04-25 12:22:16

The first station works at HHH

    Few hours ago we set up our first station at the most popular paragliding place in Budapest!
    Actual wind speed, gust, direction and air temperature in every two minutes directly from the well known training hill.

    Check it! If you see good conditions, don't hesitate and go with your glider!

Admin @ 2013-04-14 22:31:58

Now You can reach Holfuy on the web at holfuy.hu! As soon as possible we will set up the first autonomous Holfuy meteo station!
You can find us on facebook too!

Admin @ 2013-04-09 18:31:24

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