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How to upgrade your station with a humidity sensor

Tools required:
  1. Cross/Phillips (+) screwdriver
  2. Mini flat-head (-) screwdriver (maximum 2mm wide head) for the green wire terminal of the main board.

  1. Open the station's enclosure.
  2. Turn off your station.
  3. Disconnect the temperature sensor's wires.
  4. Remove the temperature sensor from its cable gland.
  5. Lead the cable of the new humidity sensor over this now emptied cable gland, and close the gland properly.
  6. Connect the wires of the sensor to the screw wire terminal in the right order. Pinout in the -manual-
  7. Contact us to set the right sensor configuration for your station. Without it your new sensor may not work properly.
  8. Turn on your station.
  9. Close the station's enclosure with extra care on the proper sealing.
    Please don't forget to plug in the solar cell's red T-connector into the main board.

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