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How to connect a new Davis 6410 wind sensor to your weather station

Please follow the steps of this guide only, if your weather station has a worn out / defected wind sensor, which is not repairable (If your Davis wind sensor's direction sensor is still working properly and only its speed sensor is malfunctionong, it is probably repairable.)

Note: If you have bought your new Davis 6410 wind sensor directly from Holfuy, you can skip the cable modification steps of this manual, as we have already prepared the cable of your new sensor.
Tools required:
  1. Cross/Phillips (+) screwdriver
  2. Mini flat-head (-) screwdriver (maximum 2mm wide head) for the green wire terminal of the main board.
  3. Cutting pliers for cut and strip wires

  1. Open the station's enclosure.
  2. Turn off your station.
  3. Disconnect the old sensor's wires from the screw terminal of the main board.
  4. Remove the old sensor's cable carefully from its cable gland.
  5. Originally the Davis 6410 wind sensors are delivered with 12 m cable with a phone connector at its end. Please cut off the extra cable together with the connector from the end of the cable by cutting pliers. For most applications it is enough if you leave 2-3 m cable on the wind sensor.
    Please note that this step may make your warranty for the wind sensor invalid.

  6. Strip the end of the wires with the pliers or a cable stripping tool.
  7. Add some solder to the end of each wire with a soldering iron.
    This is just an optional step for better connection. If you don't have a soldering iron you can skip this step.

  8. Lead in the sensor's wire to the enclosure over the free cable gland. Close the cable gland tightly to ensure good sealing.
  9. Connect the wires of the sensor to the screw wire terminal in the right order. Pinout in the -manual-
  10. Contact us to set the right sensor configuration for your station. Without it your new sensor may not work properly.
    It is required only if the weather station was not working with a Davis wind sensor before this upgrade.
  11. Turn on your station.
  12. Close the station's enclosure with extra care on the proper sealing.
    Please don't forget to plug in the solar cell's red T-connector into the main board.
  13. IMPORTANT: Please don't mount the wind or any other sensor to the very top of the pole.
    Please follow the other installation guidelines in the -manual-.

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