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The "wind rose": The actual wind's graphical display

The "wind rose" is always visible at the data monitor page of a Holfuy weather station which has a wind sensor. It is showing the actual wind conditions in a graphical form.
  1. In the circle you can see the average wind speed's value with a number. Its color is in function of the wind speed.
  2. The actual wind direction is visualized with an arrow near the border of the circle. Its color is in function of the wind speed.
  3. The air temperature's value is visible at the bottom left corner. Its color is in function of the temperature.
  4. For applications where the wind direction is important, optionally the station owners can define the following direction zones as slices in the circle.
  5. Green Zone: optimal wind directions. E.g. for a paragliding/hang gliding launch it means wind directions, when the wind is blowing on the slope, in which it is possible to stay up with a para-/hang glider by soaring when the wind strength is enough.
    For wind and kitesurfing spots it can show on-shore wind conditions.
  6. Yellow Zone: acceptable wind directions. When the wind direction is not optimal for the site/place, but it can be still good. For example wind directions in which it is possible to launch with a paraglider.
    Near water it can show sideshore winds.
  7. For airfields it is not possible to show directions zones in the wind rose, but it is possible to add one (or two) runway drawing to the wind rose.

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