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Which wind sensors could be connected to a Holfuy weather station.

Holfuy weather stations can support the following wind speed and direction sensors. Most of the sensors are compatible also with the older Holfuy stations on the field (after a firmware upgrade):
  1. Davis 6410 mechanical wind sensor. Good quality for a fair price. It's easily repairable as the manufacturer offers many different spare parts for this sensor. Most of the Holfuy weather stations are using this wind sensor. It is available directly at our shop, but many other shops and Davis distributors are selling this sensor online.
    Its predecessor model the 7911 is also compatible with the stations.

  2. ATMOS22 Ultrasonic wind sensor from METER. This professional wind sensor is robust and doesn't require much maintenance as it does not have moving parts. If you would connect this sensor to your station, you could buy it directly from METER or one of their distributors (choose the 'stripped and tinned wires' as connector type when you order).
    More info:

  3. Combined mechanical wind sensor (4.3329.00.510) from Thies. If you need a more robust mechanical wind sensor, you can go for this option.
    You could buy this sensor directly from Thies or one of their distributors.
    More info:

  4. ULTIMETER anemometer from PEETBROS. A mechanical wind sensor, with two reed switches, without friction contacts to wear out (like potentiometer). If you are interested in this sensor please contact us as we have some in stock. Or you could also buy it directly from PEETBROS or from one of their distributors.
    More info:

  5. Other: Holfuy weather stations could support many other wind sensors also. If you would connect any other wind sensor to your station, which is not listed above, please contact us first.
    The average power consumption of the wind sensor has to be less than 2mA at 5V.

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