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Holfuy Extra Station
For northern countries, with more battery
Holfuy Weather Station
An automatic weather station with a Humidity sensor
Holfuy Solar radiation shield
For accurate temperature and humidity measurements
Wifi option
Wifi option is also available
Ready for high altitude
Standard station at Coronet Peak (NZ)
Special mounting
Thanks to it's low weight you can mount it almost everywhere!
Ready for harsh winter
We tested our stations in the harsh winter of Norway
Ready for the desert
Our stations reported air temperatures above 50°C from Qatar
Replace your old data loggers
With a Holfuy station you can check the weather data any time
The Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Holfuy is an all in one solution for getting real time weather data from almost everywhere in the World. Our automatic weather stations are fully autonomous by using GSM network and solar power. The standard stations are shipped with wind speed, direction and temperature sensors. In addition to the standard sensors, we offer many other options as listed below. Data hosting and WEB based data visualisation are provided for desktop and mobile platforms.

In our packages you find everything from the sensors to the mounting kit.
Thanks to our low power and compact solutions we can keep our price lower than others. Buy online.
The stations send weather data in every 120 sec.
Every Holfuy station and sensor is WeatherProof and ready for extreme weather conditions!
We have more and more stations in many countries from Qatar to New Zealand. Check out our references.
Innovation never stops. We are open for Your ideas.
Let's make Holfuy even better!
How can I check weather data
Free data hosting
Responsive website
Map view
iOS application
Android application
Archive data analyst
Archive data export
Modules for your site
What you can measure with a Holfuy station
Application areas
Study, Research
Hang- Paragliding sites
Kite- Windsurfing spots
RC-Model airfields
Ski resorts
Sailing clubs
Holiday resorts
Set up your new weather station in 5 easy steps:
Select your station in the Holfuy Shop
Insert a SIM card with internet access
Mount your station in a pole/mast/rod
Set up your site's properties online
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