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How private weather data hosting works

Private weather data hosting in the Holfuy system is not a free service like the public hosting (when the weather data from the weather station is available for every visitor of the Holfuy website).

Private hosting costs 50EUR + VAT /year.

If you need private hosting please go through the following steps:
  1. Write us an email with your station's ID to, that you would subscribe to the private hosting service for your weather station.
  2. We invoice the service fee for the first year and wait for your payment.
  3. Once you are done with the payment, we activate the service for you so you can set up a password for the access.
  4. Log in at with the station's administrator account.
  5. Click on the MyStations menu.
  6. Click on the 'S' (Settings) button in the station's row.
  7. Enable the Private option and set a random password for the data access.
  8. Confirm and store the modifications with your account's login password.
  9. After this the station will be still listed in the station's list with its name, but the measured weather data will be available for those only who know the right password.
    Click here for an example (password: test)
  10. The weather data of private stations is not available in the mobile applications nor in the Holfuy Map view.
  11. To continue with the private hosting service we will invoice the annual hosting fee after each year. But you can cancel the service any time.

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