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Holfuy Webcamera: COAT Bugøyfjord

:( Low battery:

The station will upload new pictures as soon as its battery level will reach 3.75V.

Thank you for your understanding!

Last image: No image.
Ambient temp.: -5.2 °C
Mode: Night (OFF) (Light: 0/1000)

Time 17h17:1517:3017:4518h18:1518:3018:4519h19:1519:3019:4520h20:1520:3020:4521h21:1521:3021:45
Air . C-7.5-6.8-7.3-7.5-7.3-7.4-7.0-7.3-7.3-7.2-6.4-6.8-7.1-6.8-6.6-6.4-6.2-6.3-5.8-5.7
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