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Holfuy model:

Every package contains a Holfuy main panel with a GPRS/GSM modem, a battery pack, a solar cell, a temperature sensor and free data storage with a monitor page at holfuy.com,
Holfuy stations are ready to run in outdoor conditions. After you put in a SIM card your station will automatically start to upload the actual weather data to it's own site at www.holfuy.com . No additional parts or programming needed.
Please select the best Holfuy model for your area!

Holfuy Standard 450€
A normal station in a 80*160*55mm IP65 box with a 80*160mm solar cell and 3 cell lithium batteries. With this config our test station's battery in Central Europe didn't go under half charge during the whole year.
Holfuy Extra 590€
A bigger station for dark winters in a 120*170*55mm IP65 box, with a 120*170mm solar cell, this station works with a changeable 9 cell lithium battery pack. We advise this option for northern locations where the sunshine is a rare thing in winter.
Wind sensor (speed, direction, gust):
Davis 135€
- Davis 6410 sensor.
- 5° direction accuracy.
- 10° dead band.

Note: This sensor may suspend wind data reporting during icing conditions.

Ultrasonic 490€
Professional LCJ sensor.
- No moving parts.
- No dead band.

Note: This sensor may suspend wind data reporting during icing or high rain.

Other 0€

Please choose this option if you want to connect your wind sensor to the station (e.g Davis 6410 or 7911). Holfuy supports many other wind sensors. If you already have one and want to connect it to a Holfuy station please contact us.

Extra options:
Camera (300€)
A camera module with light sensor and mounting kit. With it your station will send a picture in every 10 minutes. The camera uses more power than the other sensors so when you need image update in the darkest days in the winter also we recommend the extra station.
Humidity sensor (125€)
A relative humidity sensor for Holfuy (60€), with solar radiation shield (65€) for better accuracy (for the air temperature sensor as well). With this sensor we can estimate cloud base. Including INOX mounting kit.
Rain sensor (60€)
A tipping bucket type rain gauge, with it your station will be able to measure the actual, daily, monthly and annual rainfall. Resolution: 1mm. If you need better resolution please contact us for professional rain gauges.

Pressure sensor (+30€): A barometric pressure sensor for pressure data and graphs (hPa)

3G Station (+50€): By default the Holfuy stations are working over 2G/GRPS mobile networks only. You should choose this option if 2G network is not available, or the operators are planning to shut their 2G network down in the next 1-2 years at your area (2G GPRS sunset). (The 3G stations supports 2G networks as well.) Please note that the 3G stations are using more power.

Other sensors: If you don't find the sensor what you need please contact us for special offers.
Shipping: Your Holfuy station will be delivered by TNT (with tracking system). Inside the EU shipping costs about 20-45€, outside the EU between 30-65€. We will send the real shipping price after we know the exact shipping address. We offer combined shipping, for more stations.
Payment: You can pay by Wire Transfer (EUR) or with PayPal (HUF). If you choose PayPal we will add 5% on the price because of the PayPal fees.

For more stations please contact us for a custom quote!
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