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How to change a station's administrator

Every Holfuy station is connected to an administrator account in the Holfuy system. One station can have only one administrator, but more stations could be linked to a single admin account. These station(s) will be listed at the MyStations page after logging in. If you would like to modify the administrator of a Holfuy station please do the following steps:
  1. Register an account in the Holfuy system for the new administrator (if it doesn't have an account yet).
  2. Write us and email from the original administrator's email address. In this email please don't forget to mention the new account's email address and the station ID(s) which you would like to move from your account.
    Please note that we can't modify the admin for other stations which are not linked to the account from which we got the request.
  3. Wait until we move the station(s) to the new account.
    We will send a confirmation email for both accounts once we are done.
  4. Check if the station is listed in the new account's MyStations page.

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