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About the "formula" for the estimated cloud base calculations

In theoretical tropospheric conditions it could be possible to calculate the cumulus cloud base's height above ground level (AGL) from the temperature and dew point readings. As the weather is always changing the result won't be too accurate, but can help to have an idea if the cloud base is high or low. These calculations are more accurate over flatlands and less in the mountains. All in all please handle the displayed cloud base values with care!
  1. Some of the Holfuy weather stations are equipped with a humidity sensor.
  2. From the humidity and the temperature measurements it is possible to calculate the dew point.
  3. We use the following "Magic formula" to calculate the estimated cloud base:

    cloudbase {m, AMSL} =(temperature {°C} - dewpoint {°C}) * 126 + stationsheight {m,AMSL}

    We have tuned the constant 126 of the formula based on our experiences.
  4. The result is visible at the actual data section at the station's data monitor page.
  5. These cloudbase calculations are also available on a graph if you click on the "Load Cloudbase Graph" button under the graphs at the station's data monitor page.

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