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How does Holfuy process and show the pressure readings

Atmospheric (barometric) pressure is a weather quantity, the pressure within the atmosphere of Earth. Some of the Holfuy weather stations are equipped with an electronic pressure sensor. In this chapter we describe how Holfuy products are calculating the pressure values which are displayed at the live data section or in the graphs.
  1. The stations are reporting the absolute pressure values to the servers.
  2. If the station's administrator configured the station's altitude, then the system will calculate and display the estimated standard pressure values.
    The system is using the Barometric formula for the calculations.

  3. If the altitude of the station was not set, the system will show the absolute pressure values (without any calculation).
  4. As the factory calibration of the pressure sensors is not always perfect, for station administrators it is possible to calibrate their sensors with a pressure offset value at the station's setup page.
    This offset will be added to the every new pressure readings. It won't modify any archive data. The offset can be only in the -3..3 hPa range.
  5. The following reasons can cause bigger errors in the pressure calculation:
    • The station's altitude has not been set accurately.
    • The pressure sensor in the station is defected.
    • The air temperature reading is inaccurate
    • The measured air temperature is significantly different from the temperature of the air mass below the station's altitude.

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