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Thailand , 4m (AMSL) |SHOW ON MAP|
Hing Kong Beach at El Paso bar
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06:01-18:42 (+07)
The school is located on the beach of Thong sala in the south, next to Bodega hostel from middle January to end of April with South East direction. We are on the west coast at Castaway Beach bungalows in Hing Kong beach from June to September with the west winds. In the north at Wattana resort from November to middle of January with the North-East wind.

Here we have flat spot in a lagoon of white sand protected by a coral reaf, clear water 30° all year. The depth is between 0,5m and 1,5m depending on the tide, super easy to teach as you can stand up everywhere on the spot. We are the only school in this area so there is a lot of free space. Wind is between 10 and 15 knots, sometimes 20/25 and more.

If you want more information about Koh Phangan and our school visit these websites: (website about all the things happening on Koh Phangan)
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Note: Calculated from yearly data where the average wind speed is more than 4km/h.
Averages updated: 09:12:29 Sat +07
Time 01:1501:3001:4502h02:1502:3002:4503h03:1503:3003:4504h04:1504:3004:4505h05:1505:3005:4506h06:1506:3006:4507h07:1507:3007:4508h08:1508:3008:4509h
Min. (knots)7.68.1775.9778.67.67.675.45.97.6774.95.45.975.4775.
Gust (knots)16.71415.713.512.415.11414.614.613.515.113.513.51413.513.512.412.411.311.313.512.413.511.910.811.911.312.41413.513.513.5
Humidity (%)80.179.980.881.081.581.982.482.282.581.681.581.180.680.178.578.677.977.877.676.978.379.380.180.180.580.179.879.879.278.978.778.4
Rain (mm)--------------------------------
Temp. (°C)

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Min. (knots)
Gust (knots)13.51412.413.51411.310.311.311.317.810.811.911.311.913.512.414.614.614.612.411.915.121.12015.715.11412.412.41415.716.7
Humidity (%)70.371.071.676.374.773.774.174.975.178.484.380.279.479.680.181.881.380.579.178.576.272.476.882.378.377.676.677.275.776.178.378.6
Rain (mm)--------------------------------
Temp. (°C)30.730.530.229.929.729.629.529.529.528.627.628.027.928.028.328.528.729.029.129.530.130.629.728.128.529.028.928.728.828.828.628.5

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